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Only with Love

Lupho Citra & Apricot

Lupho Citra & Apricot

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  • United Kingdom
  • ABV: 0%
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A healthier beer alternative packed full of citra hops, organic apricot and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Just a huge, thirst quenching bang of citrus and stonefruit hopiness.

Lupho is the new health drink for craft beer heads.

Designed for better wellbeing: sleep better, relax better, feel better.

Zero ABV. Zero caffeine. Zero sugar. Made with top grade hops for zest and calm, fresh fruit for full flavour and a dash of apple cider vinegar for great gut health. Serve chilled, crack it and glug.

About the Producer

Founded in 2020 during the first and second lockdown by Steve, the man behind Holler Brewery, and Roger, an avid consumer of Holler beer, Only With Love emerges as a distinct brewery located in the heart of Sussex. Operating with a focus on sustainability throughout its creation, packaging, and delivery processes, the brewery produces a diverse range of alcohol-free beverages, including AFs, beers, sodas, and kombucha, all aimed at promoting enhanced mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Renowned as a wellbeing brewery, Only With Love embodies a philosophy centered on love. Every beverage is meticulously crafted with the freshest and healthiest ingredients, employing methods that prioritize the expression of love. The business itself operates with an unwavering commitment to supporting the communities it collaborates with, fostering relationships that are founded on love and care. In all aspects, from interacting with customers, partners, friends, and family, to making informed decisions, love serves as the guiding principle for Only With Love.

Ultimately, the brewery hopes that their drinks will be cherished and savored, either in solitary moments or enjoyed in the company of others, with a preference for the latter.

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