Exploring Celebrity Alliances with Alcohol-Free

Exploring Celebrity Alliances with Alcohol-Free

The sobercurious movement is now joined by three iconic figures from different realms - Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 champion; David Guetta, the renowned DJ and music producer; Rafael Nadal, the tennis world champion and Danny Trejo, the legendary actor.


Lewis Hamilton x Almave

Lewis Hamilton and Almave

The tequila-loving Formula 1 driver has gone out of his way to search for an authentic non-alcoholic option that he could enjoy anytime - on days or nights when he needed a clear mind. Wanting to create a non-alcoholic spirit that does not compromise on authenticity or quality, he sought out the best in the business, Casa Lumbre Master Distiller Iván Saldaña - a visionary who pushed beyond the boundary of what people thought was possible in agave spirits. The result: Almave, the first premium non-alcoholic Blue Agave spirit made in Jalisco, Mexico that does not compromise on taste or quality.

In a recent Vogue interview, the Almave founder said "I don't know if I'm going to drink again".  "Since I stopped drinking, I feel so much better, so much clearer. I sleep better, I wake up and I can still get up at 5am," he said of his sleep routine.


David Guetta x Lyre's

David Guetta and Lyre's

David Guetta who was among the first DJs in the world to transition from clubs to stadiums, may be one doing his next groundbreaking move in the party scene - changing the way the world drinks.

The maestro behind electrifying beats and dance floor anthems, David Guetta's partnership with Lyre's signifies a shift towards a healthier party culture. In a world where music and revelry often intertwine with alcohol, Guetta's collaboration with Lyre's is a testament to his commitment to inclusivity.

In an interview, Guetta emphasized his desire to provide fans with diverse and inclusive options. The collaboration with Lyre's is not merely a business move for Guetta; it's a resonant chord in the melody of mindful consumption. Together, they are crafting an experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of celebration.



Rafael Nadal x Amstel

Back in 2021, Amstel recruited Tennis legend, Rafael Nadal as a global ambassador for its growing lifestyle product offerings, including Amstel 0.0.

The three-year deal which marks Nadal’s first partnership with a beer brand, will see the tennis star support the continued expansion of the Amstel brands into new markets globally, helping to create more choice for consumers and allowing them to find a beer that fits their active and balanced lifestyles.

As an ambassador for Amstel 0.0, Nadal helped highlight the importance of moderation and responsible consumption as part of HEINEKEN’s wider Brewing a Better World ambition to create more choice for consumers within the zero alcohol category.

Danny Trejo x Trejo's Spirits

Danny Trejo and Trejo's Spirits

The legendary actor, Danny Trejo, has recently launched his zero proof tequila and gin under the brand Trejo's Spirits. Having been sober for over 50 years, Danny wanted to make something for non-drinkers to enjoy, without feeling like they are missing the fun or not getting included. He wanted to create the same experience he has in his restaurants - that is to drink a non-alcoholic margarita and no one knows the difference.

“What a difference it is for nondrinkers today,” says Trejo. “We are living in the golden era of nonalcoholic drinks and it is hands down the best time in history to be sober.”


The sobercurious movement is reaching a wider audience with these celebrities on the bandwagon. Together, they are influencing popular culture, reshaping the narrative around alcohol consumption, and encouraging a more balanced and health-conscious approach to celebration. They are orchestrating a cultural shift that invites everyone to join in the celebration, irrespective of their choice to include or exclude alcohol.

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