Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

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Do the non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits taste like the alcoholic versions?

The non-alcoholic versions are not going to taste exactly like their alcoholic versions (maybe they will in future!). Think of Coke vs Coke Zero. Truth is, alcohol in the drinks do give them more body and taste.

But, these non-alcoholic versions do come really close to the real deal. Some of the non-alcoholic beers taste even better than other alcoholic beers.

Our goal is to bring you a really tasty selection of non-alcoholic drinks so that you can still choose to have a good drink even when you don't want the alcohol.

Are your drinks really free of alcohol?

The drinks we carry contain up to 0.5% ABV. This is the same amount that may naturally occur in many fruits, juices and bread.

We also carry drinks which are 0.0% ABV, which in some cases, may still contain up to 0.05% ABV due to the production process. This amount is really negligible and often don't show up in lab tests, they are therefore considered alcohol-free!

Do check the labels or filter our products by their ABV if you can't consume any alcohol.

Are non-alcoholic drinks safe for pregnant women?

The drinks we carry contain up to 0.5% ABV, with some claiming to be 0% or 0.05% ABV. There hasn't been extensive research on the effects of enjoying 0.5% ABV drinks during pregnancy, so it's best that you consult your doctor before taking.

That said, there is already naturally occurring alcohol in many of the things we consume.

  • Bananas - 0.2-0.4% ABV depending on ripeness
  • Breads (burger rolls, rye bread) - 1.18-1.28% ABV
  • Fruit & Fruit juices (grape, orange, apple) - 0.04-0.5% ABV

Filter our selection of drinks by their ABV for drinks <0.05% ABV.

Are non-alcoholic drinks Halal?

Currently, none of the drinks we carry are halal-certified. They may contain up to 0.5% ABV, and any trace of alcohol is considered haram, unless they occur naturally (like in bread or fruit).

While we carry drinks that are labelled 0.0% ABV, depending on the production process, if they were brewed like a real beer or wine then de-alcoholised, they may still contain traces of alcohol - which makes it haram.

However, some of the spirit alternative such as Mother Root or Myth Cane Spirit, are created as an alternative drink to alcohol. These contain zero alcohol and can be safely consumed.

You can find these drinks by filtering our selection of drinks by their ABV.

Can I get drunk on non-alcoholic drinks?

It's quite impossible to get drunk or intoxicated even if you consume large amounts of our drinks. Still, we'd recommend everything to be consumed in moderation :)

Can I drive after consuming these non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes! It is quite impossible to get drunk or intoxicated even if you consume large amounts of our drinks.

That said, if you don't feel well, don't drive. Listen to your body.

Aren't your wine just grape juice?

Nope! The production process and the type of grapes used are different.

Juices are typically made through grape pressing and extraction processes, with sugar and preservatives added after.

Non-alcoholic wine on the other hand, use the grapes used for normal wine, go through fermentation, aging and the whole process like an alcoholic wine. The alcohol is then removed to create a non-alcoholic wine with the complex taste of a wine.