From Grapes to Glass

From Grapes to Glass

 The Art of De-alcoholising Wine

Wine, a timeless and cherished beverage, is often associated with moments of celebration and relaxation. However, for those seeking a no/low alcohol option, the process of de-alcoholising wine opens up a world of possibilities. Let us delve into the intricate process of transforming wine into no/low alcoholic versions without compromising its essence - and why non-alcoholic wine is not grape juice ;)

Starting from grape selection

A good wine begins with the careful selection of grapes. Different grape varieties lend distinct flavors, aromas, and characteristics to the final product. These grapes are harvested at the peak of ripeness to ensure a well-balanced flavor profile.

Traditional wine-making: fermentation & aging

The core of wine production lies in the fermentation process. Grapes' natural sugars are transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide through the action of yeast. This conversion is a delicate dance of science and nature, with temperature, yeast strains, and timing impacting the final flavor and alcohol content.

Once fermentation is complete, wines are often aged in barrels, a process that enhances their complexity. The interaction between the wine and the wood imparts flavors and aromas, contributing to the overall character of the wine.

De-alcoholisation: Balancing Flavors and Alcohol

De-alcoholisation involves minimising the alcohol content while preserving the wine's intricate flavors and aromas. This process often occurs after fermentation and can be achieved through methods like vacuum distillation and membrane filtration (reverse osmosis). In this process, the challenge is to reduce the alcohol content while retaining the wine's unique flavors and aromas.

The success of de-alcoholisation lies in maintaining the wine's essence. Cutting-edge technology and the expertise of winemakers are instrumental in retaining flavors while removing alcohol. Adjustments may also be made to ensure the wine's taste profile remains balanced.

Reimagining Wine Experience: No/Low Alcohol Wines

The evolution of de-alcoholisation has led to an array of no/low alcohol wines that cater to diverse palates. Whether red, white, or rosé, these wines offer a symphony of flavors, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy the richness of wine without the influence of alcohol.

From the vineyard to the glass, the process of crafting no/low alcohol wines is a blend of innovation, tradition, and a passion for flavors. As preferences shift toward healthier choices, the journey of de-alcoholisation allows wine lovers to raise their glasses to special moments, embracing the art of wine without the alcohol content.


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