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The story of Leffe begins in the year 1152 in Belgium. Here, the Norbertine monks of the Leffe Abbey found solace and serenity, dedicating their lives to prayer, contemplation, and the pursuit of knowledge. It was within the walls of this historic Abbey that the monks began a journey of exploration and creativity, leading them to master the art of brewing.

Using their knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients, the monks of Leffe Abbey created their first brew in 1240. Their creations were designed not only to provide sustenance to their own community but also to bring joy and nourishment to weary travellers seeking refuge. The unique, full-bodied taste of Leffe soon became renowned across the land, and the Abbey's reputation for exceptional brewing grew with each passing year.

Today, Leffe is cherished worldwide for its rich, complex flavours and its unwavering commitment to quality and tradition.

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