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Beavertown - Lazer Crush

Beavertown - Lazer Crush

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  • United Kingdom
  • ABV: 0.3%
  • Energy:

Non Alcoholic IPA

An alcohol-free IPA that uses a clever strain of yeast to ferment the beer without producing alcohol. It’s light on the alcohol but heavy on the flavour with bags of sweet orange zestiness and grapefruit bitterness.

When Beavertown decided to brew an AF IPA, they wanted to roll a bit differently. Rather than brewing with small amounts of malt or dealcoholizing after fermentation, for Lazer Crush they used a clever strain of yeast that fully ferments their crisp pilsner malt without producing alcohol and adds a hint of peachy fruit to boot. Then they laid down some heavy-duty hops. Azacca for ripe mango with a hint of fresh pine, Amarillo gives bags of sweet orange and Citra adds the zesty citrus and grapefruit bitterness that we all want in an IPA.

The result is a rocket-fueled, turbocharged, laser-sharp IPA at a Monday to Sunday crushable 0.3%.

About the Producer

Over 10 years ago, something crash landed in the kitchen of a North London grill joint and Beavertown was born in BBQ sauce and gamma-rays.

Soon, they were humbly brewing great beers for everyone - made to be enjoyed anywhere in the universe, on earth…or even your mate Steve’s garden.

These days, their North London brewery brews enough pints to fill over 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools - that’s right, imagine doing laps in that! (Please drink and swim responsibility).

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