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Cognaton - White Non Alcoholic Wine

Cognaton - White Non Alcoholic Wine

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  • South Africa
  • ABV: 0.5%
  • Energy: 17kcal per 100ml

Discover the essence of Cognato White, sourced from the prestigious Coastal Region of South Africa. This region is renowned for producing exceptional white wines from low yielding dryland vineyards. Its proximity to the ocean provides a long, cool growing season, resulting in exquisite flavors. With the dry, cool conditions, production remains limited, ensuring utmost quality. They proudly collaborate with Fairtrade certified growers, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

Winemaking & Alcohol Removal

Harvested at full ripeness, typically between 23 and 24 Balling, the grapes are destemmed, and the juice is gently extracted through pressing. After an overnight settling process and racking from the lees, the grape juice is inoculated with cultured yeast and undergoes a slow fermentation at temperatures ranging from 12 to 14°C, enhancing the wine’s mouthfeel. Following fermentation, the wine rests on the lees for 3 weeks, enhancing its complexity.

Their carefully designed vacuum spinning cone process ensures the delicate removal of alcohol, preserving the wine’s integrity.

The outcome is a crisp and fruity wine, with enticing notes of citrus and freshly cut grass on the nose. Cognato White serves as a perfect non-alcoholic white wine for seafood dishes, chicken, or as a refreshing pre-dinner drink.

About the Producer

Cognato – meaning “closely related to”

In 2018, cousins David Sommestad and Adam Malmnäs identified the need for an elegant and refined alcohol-free wine to accompany a variety of dishes. Dissatisfied with the existing options, they embarked on creating Cognato, an alcohol-free wine that would exceed expectations. They overcame the challenge of developing a low-sugar alcohol-free wine that closely resembled traditional wines, and their initial offerings, Cognato Rosé and Cognato Red, received a highly positive response. Encouraged by this success, they expanded their range to include Cognato White. In 2020, they proudly achieved Fairtrade certification, demonstrating their commitment to providing fair and sustainable working conditions throughout the production process.

David and Adam's pursuit of a sophisticated alcohol-free wine stemmed from a lack of satisfying alternatives in the market. Through extensive research and collaboration with production partners, they successfully created Cognato, offering a high-quality alcohol-free wine that met the demands of discerning consumers. The positive reception from the public and the addition of Cognato White further solidified their position in the market. Their Fairtrade certification highlights their dedication to ethical practices, ensuring fairness and sustainability throughout the wine production journey.

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