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Zeno - Red Non Alcoholic Wine

Zeno - Red Non Alcoholic Wine

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  • Spain
  • ABV: 0.5%
  • Energy: 24kcal per 100ml

This non-alcoholic red wine is a vibrant ruby red with bright salmon pink edge. Pronounced aromas of red and black forest fruits, sweet spices and sweet green pepper. On the palate, ripe blackberries and raspberries merge with juicy plums and hints of crisp cherry. There is spice, pepper and bright tannin adding weight to a creamy mouthfeel and textured, satisfyingly long finish.

How do they make it?

Starting in their vineyards in central Spain, organically grown vines nestle on undulating hills surrounded by picturesque almond orchards & sheep grazing in fertile fields.

At harvest, they select parcels of the best fruit with specific qualities tailored for getting the perfect result through the de-alcoholisation process.

Carefully vinified in their world class winery, the wines are then meticulously blended before gently removing the alcohol using the world’s most advanced vacuum distillation technology.

Finally, further extensive blending & tasting follows, led by their resident MW, to achieve wines with regional expression and sophisticated aroma & flavour qualities.

About the Producer

ZENO produces prestige quality wines while investing in research and development to continue setting new standards in alcohol-free wine quality.

The Roman statesman and philosopher, Cicero, symbolised the sum of these virtues as "Knowledge, the fist in hand” which is the ZENO logo.

When ZENO wasn’t busy philosophising, his main enjoyment was to sit in the sun eating figs and drinking wine.

See? It’s all about balance. Our goal is not to preach. ZENO's mission is to craft the best alcohol-liberated wine alternatives possible, with regional and varietal expression, for the more discerning wine drinker on occasions where they choose not to drink alcohol.

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